Airport Car Service

One of the nice perks about hiring an airport car service is that you can avoid driving, but more importantly, that you can avoid parking and all of the difficulties that go with it.

Cost and Risk of Long Term parking vs. airport car service

Some airport parking lots or garages charge rates such as nine, twelve, fifteen dollars a day or even more! That is just to park your car in their lot. If you are going on a longer trip this could add up really fast. It seems like everything at the airport is getting more and more expensive. Now just about everyone charges for bags, and even more for extra bags. Food costs in airport terminals are outrageous. The plane tickets themselves have rising prices. When traveling, control what you can as far as price and costs are concerned. Instead of paying huge daily fees to park at the airport, consider hiring an airport car service.

bwi airport sedan
bwi airport sedan

Instead of driving yourself to the airport and then leaving your car parked there for your entire trip, let an airport car service do the driving. Have an experienced airport car service chauffeur pick you up and drop you off. This way you can be picked up right at the curb, or even have the airport car service driver meet you inside. You can be dropped off and not have to worry about the extra time you will spend trying to find a parking spot and then waiting what seems like hours for a shuttle service that stops at every terminal before it finally arrives at the one you need.

Paying for covered parking is even more expensive than uncovered parking. So, if you want to save a little bit of money you will leave your car exposed to the elements, the weather, and other people the entire time you are on your trip. It will be hard not to think about it when you should be focused on other things. What if there is a hail storm? What if some careless person dents your door while they are trying to load up their luggage next to your vehicle? Good luck getting their insurance information. They are long gone by now. If you are in a sunny climate then heat and solar rays are beating down on your paint job and baking the inside of your car all week. Avoid all this, keep your car safe at home, and hire an airport car service to take care of your transportation.

If you think you can save money by parking at one of the off airport lots that are privately run, you might carry the extra risk of break-in or theft. Airports are not always in the nicest areas and a simple security camera doesn’t cut it when it comes to the safety and security of your important possessions. You really don’t need the added stress of worrying about your car while you are away on business or vacation. Look in to the airport car service and your car can stay safe while you enjoy yourself.