Airport Limousine

There are several different types of airport transportation. When it comes to getting to the airport and getting somewhere from the airport, there are services that will accommodate any needs. Some airport transportation services even simply take you to and from your parking spot if you decided to drive your personal vehicle.

Airport Limousine

An airport limousine service is one type of airport transportation that many people utilize every day. This is a specialize kind of service that is best for very important travelers or for those who have come to expect to travel in luxury. Either a stretch limo or a luxury sedan is the focus of this service, and an experienced driver or chauffer adds to the convenience of it all. The driver will assist with luggage and will know the way around town and will provide outstanding and friendly customer service.


luxury-suv-escaladePerhaps the most common type of airport transportation is the taxi. These yellow and green brightly painted cars, vans and SUVs can be seen lined up outside of every major airport waiting to attend to the needs of hundreds of busy passengers traveling from one place to the next. They provide reliable transportation to the airport any time of day or night and from the airport any time as well. This type of airport transportation is cheaper than hiring a limo, but isn’t quite as luxurious. Still, most cab companies work hard to provide quality services to their customers, and will ensure guests arrive safely and on time.

Airport transportation shuttles

Many airports provide contracted shuttle services as part of their airport transportation. These are usually large passenger vans that accommodate several guests all at once. Sometimes these just take people to parking garages, other times they provide airport to door services just about anywhere. Some airports just about require the use of some sort of airport transportation shuttle service simply because of the fact that they are so big. Sometimes airport transportation is needed just to get from one gate to the next, or from the baggage area to the rental car location, or to other transportation. Some hotels provide a shuttle service that will pick people up from the airport or drop them off provided they are staying at that hotel. This is a nice service if the traveler plans on staying at the hotel and does not need a rental car.


Many cities provide public transportation such as buses for those travelers who are on a budget. This type of airport transportation is less personalized, but often much cheaper. The bus system will take people to major areas of activity all over the city. Most have multiple stops, and their experience has shown them the most popular places for travelers from the airport to go. It is likely there will be a bus stop near your destination that can satisfy your needs. In major large cities this might be the best option available. Large groups of people often head to trains, subways or metro rails so bus stops will be near those.